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A Horror and Sci Fi Blog Dedicated to Literature.


Important To Me…

Mobile Entertainment

Access my content anywhere… on road trips, in the office!

Education and Literature

Find the joy in reading with a wide variety of articles by an aspiring writer!

Raising Awareness

I passionate about many issues and have/will volunteer on the occasion. I tend to express certain issues and topics in my writing as a form of expression.

Personal and Professional Growth

As someone who has been in a constant state of poverty my entire life. I am determined to rise past this obstacle. And with the help of my consumers, I can!

Business Partners

I would be overjoyed to work with any of you. I will have to refuse some offers for safety and personal reasons.

Premium Content

Some of my stories and articles are superior to others, some took more time and money to create. Those may be monetized.


I am a teenager struggling with poverty. I have no college fund, but I do have a passion for the arts. When I was in First grade, I filled notebooks with my stories. I have been told, by virtually every English teacher I’ve had, to become a writer. I am extremely confident in my abilities.


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