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Seven Visions (Part One)


 One- Walking out of a black truck, with a copper key in hand. You walk across the gravel of the large white house, until you see a light brown door. There is a name on the door, as you move you only catch one letter; A. As the door opens a ray of lights attacks you. 

     The store clerk awoke on the floor of the pharmacy. He remembered searching for some medicine for his migraine. A small girl was standing over him, asking him if he was okay. She had a monotone voice, despite being so young. She spoke so clearly. 

    “I’m fine”, he laughed. He could remember his dream so clearly… he always forgot his dreams almost immediately. 

    “You passed out,” she said, her light blue dress covered in dirt and gravel twirled as she moved. Small rocks fell from her pink boots and she just kept staring at the clerk. He was just trying to remember. 

    Soon an older, blonde woman with a snakeskin purse came and pulled the girl away. She kneeled down to him, asking where he was hurting. 

    “Sir?” she panicked. He didn’t answer immediately as he was trying to understand what happened himself. 

    “It’s okay, Miss,” he laughed a little, “I’m Danny Dylan”

    “Margaret Athena”, she sighed. 

    “That’s a pretty name,” Danny said, “Is that your little girl?”. Margaret nodded and told him how worried she was. Danny figured she was rich, probably had a big house and plenty of money to afford that purse. 

   Realizing he was still on the floor, he got up and pulled the kneeling Margaret up with him. Her red hair and smooth, freckled skin was glowing in the bright pharmacy lights. Danny asked what she was doing, the older woman seemed bothered. 

   “Have I asked too much?” Danny asked, he was a large, chubby man with plenty of hair. 

   “Oh no”, Margaret seemed to feel guilty, “I am picking up some medicine for my ex-husband”.

   “I see, so you’re single?”

   “Indeed” He figured she didn’t want to flirt around her daughter and deflected the conversation. Margaret got his number so she could ‘check up on him’. 


   The next day Danny Dylan received a text from Maragret Athena.

We can’t talk anymore, I’m sorry. It’s my ex-husband. He’s very possessive even after the divorce. I really liked you too. 

   “He sounds lovely”, he thought, rolling his eyes with disgust. He felt bad for her, she didn’t deserve that. The night before they called and spoke about their troubles all night. She was sensitive for a rich woman. 

    A dizziness came over him, his mind was foggy again. He had a terrible headache. Danny moved across his mediocre living room, bumping into everything. 

    Two- The door opens, there’s a chandelier made of glass. It’s dark, the only light comes from a candle left burning all night. To his right there were small pink boots and adult heels. There were coats and purses, made of cloth, leather, snakeskin, and fur. Gravel from the driveway was all over the doormat. You move closer to the central dining area. As you approach the spiral staircase…

   There’s blood dripping from his forehead. The hard, cold floor pulled him from his dream. Or at least that’s what he thought they were. 

   “Why is it so goddamn realistic?”, he groaned, “I haven’t even seen the house”. Danny was ignorant to what he was a part of, to what he had to do. 

   The phone rang three times, the lonely man dragged himself across his barely- habitable living room. He answered carelessly, more focused on the blood on his fingers. 

  Danny heard the distress of a woman he knew. She wasn’t safe. He heard the calls and sobs of the woman he’d been so interested in. The line went flat- he called and called again. Margaret never told Danny where she lived or how else to contact her. 

  All he could do was think. He slammed the phone back into the wall- a familiar sound. He’d heard that sound roughly a minute ago in his dream. While he was underneath the chandelier, a phone slammed into a wall. No one else was in his dream, at least not yet. He collapsed yet again, while trying to remember his dreams. 

   Three- You’re back in front of the house. You back away and walk the perimeter of the house. A little girl watches you from a window — she waves. You know her. The world seems to glitch and go out of focus. You see a large field in front of the house — there are gates surrounding the house. Green gates. There’s a green sign on the distant dirt road. ‘H— C—ty Line’. You regain control of your own body- you try to run inside and–. 

   Danny woke up on his couch, this time. Harris county line. He doesn’t even think, just runs to his truck. He races out of his little gated community to the rural area. 

  He had a feeling he knew where he was going to go. While caught on a barren road he feels the headache once more. His head falls on the wheel. 

   Four- The little girl opens the door right as you try to enter. She’s excited. She shouldn’t be. You don’t say a word. She’s worried. You are silent. You’re stuck in another person’s body. As you regain control of each limb and try to pull her back–

   Danny woke up to an old man pulling him. The car alarm had been going this whole time. The man cussed and spat as he walked back to the woods. Danny didn’t hesitate and raced down the road. 

To be Continued…

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