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The Forgotten King

A little drama I created. Expect a full script in the premium works tab…


The King- A dictator with the mindset he is a blessing to the kingdom. 

Edith (Born as a Duchess)- A woman who is forced into a relationship with The King

Notelei- An Italian man who came into service of the king because he was desperate. 

Giovanni- An italian immigrant peasant

Blair- The poor wife of Giovanni

Clover- the young daughter of Giovanni and Blair

The Pope- A man with hatred for the poor and The King

The Jewish Man- an unfortunate man facing hardships for his religion from the Roman Catholic Church

Olivine- The poor widow of the Jewish man (she is an older woman)

The King’s Councilman- A man close to The King who despises him. 

The Child- the son of The King who is suppressed so he won’t be king. 

The Wet Nurse- Caretaker of The Child

The Child- Grows in pain with his tyrant mother who plotted the death of his father. 


              ACT ONE

Scene one-

Narrator- There’s comfort in companionship, in people. The lonely Queen found love… not with her husband – so to speak. 

Scene one-

                         Cut to the throne room, people line the walls. There is a councilman of the king pacing around the room while The King sits.

[The king’s councilman]-  [Speaks with disrespect and passionately spits at the king]   How can one shed their debt – to those beneath? People beg for mercy, yet thou show no care. A common man begging beneath, a mind unlike his own. Weakness is still- never bows. Your power grows in strength, with every soul you damn. 

[The King]- I walk with the will of my people in mind- I bow for no man but myself. They are strengthened by me. No peasant meets my power, no common man is comparable to my own.

[The King’s Councilman]- So drink, drink unlike the common man. Thirst, you have never had. Hunger has never seen you. You are a coward, sir. 

                            The councilman paces around the king, who sits in his glorious throne. 

[The King]- You are but a servant of my family, of the monarch in front of you. You are blind to my sacrifice. [Voice gets higher, almost whining] As my father’s son, I will make my name known to every peasant and lowly wench on the known land. 

[The King’s Councilman]- Thy power was obtained through birth and will be lost through death. Your empire will fall, small man. So eat, eat until you can’t anymore. Watch your people starve, beg. O’ it will all come to an end for you. Your name won’t live past your last breath, sir. 

                         The king stands and finally lets his guards come to him. The guards approach the councilman. 

[The king]- Kill him, it is blasphemy to insult the god – given ruler. 

Narrator- {Nothing else needed to be said, the end would come for the king’s once silent foe}

                       The guards grabbed and dragged the councilman as he begged and cried. There is silence within the throne- room. The king observes all his subjects. 

[The King]- I suppose you all want my life to end now? You want my head on a spike? I am no dictator, I am a savior. You wretched, weak people bow to me. 

                     The king demands everyone leave and sits on his throne

                                       Notelei enters 

[The King]- [sighs] The people must know that I am doing all of this for them. My control is what prevents the people from killing each other. The foolish people who doubt me are the issue here, Notelei. 

[Notelei]- (slowly moves forward) My king, you are a blessing to this land. We are gifted with fortune by your leadership. (he gets on his knees and kisses the king’s hand) You are glorious and grand, o’ mighty king. 

[The King]- (stares directly into Notelei’s eyes, pressing)  Is that you really feel for me? It is no news to you that men despise me. 

                                        There is silence

[The King]- Edith, she is with child. 

[Notelei]- [with a surprised tone] The boy will be as noble and blessed as ever. (He bows)

       End scene. 

Scene ()

[Edith]- (rushes to the dungeon) They cannot kill you. I will not let them.

                                     She holds onto the bars of the cell, sobbing.

[The councilman]- My gentle Edith, you’ve found yourself with that pig of a king. You know I love you, but you have to forget. He will hurt you. 

[Edith]- Never, I cannot possibly. I can get you out of this cell. Take you to Scotland, hide in the hills-

                                  The councilman interrupts her. 

[The council man]- That is no way to raise a child. 

[Edith]- (backs away and stares surprised) How did you know?

[The Councilman]- The king has been telling everyone. (There is a pause) … Is the child his?

[Edith]- (brief silence) It is by you. I am sure. 

[The councilman]- I wish for the baby to know who I was. Do not tell him I was his father… not until The King is dead.

[Edith]- I wish for that day to come sooner… I promise. 

[The councilman]- A duchess, soon to be queen, should have never had an affair with a lowly servant of the crown. He will never win, his end will come. If he hurts you more, do not let him, do not submit to his manipulations. 

Narrator-   The day had come for Edith’s love to be killed. She had no time to prepare herself. The king invited everyone to watch the traitor’s execution. 

The large crowd cheers, the king is pleased. The councilman is escorted to the middle of a circular arena. They place him on a stake. 

[The king]- I have been disrespected and questioned by this man. I want you all to know that the same will happen to you if you disrespect me. 

[Edith]- There is no need for such brutality, he could be exiled. 

       The king did not even look at Edith.  The executioner spoke to The council man. 

[The Executioner]- As by your request, you may recite your last words. 

[The councilman]- Here I am, about to be killed for voicing my mind. To those of you who I know, thank you for being here in my last moments. To her who I wish I would’ve known in this life longer, thank you for remembering me. I love you…

                       The executioner made it clear he was taking too long. 

[The King]- Kill him now. 

                       The councilman is lit on fire, and burns. Edith sobs. 

[The king]- Why are you crying for this traitor?

[Edith]- Because it is wrong, sir. How can you kill anyone, even those who speak down to you? 

                         Trying to contain his rage, the king stormed out of the stands. 

[Edith]- I know if I saw the king burn it would be no tragedy. 

End scene. 


The Child is introduced. 

Darkness with a single voice. 

  Narrator- There is tragedy in all forms, even at the birth of a new life. As Edith sweats and bleeds, she still worries about the life of her poor child. Soon… the child was born. 

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