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The Inquisition

 An emotional piece meant to portray the pain of someone facing that type of end. Of course, it is not even comparable to the true emotions.

The chamber door creaks open

 A man in red, pledged devotion

To the cardinal, I cry, “I’m innocent”

He sees me as ignorant

Why can’t I believe another is omnipotent?

So vigilant

How can one buy sinlessness?

An idea forged in selfishness.

Heretics, my rage.

How can the golden age,

Be so medieval? –

The organization, so lethal?

The Inquisition, 

My freedom lost in mission. 

Brought me to Spain, 

The end of their reign

I feel betrayed

No one came to my aid

As they bring me to my end,

I refuse to bend

The man in suede

May his sins be weighed

The false altruist

A sinner monotheist

Looks down on me

His cruel decree

Now here I stand

This isn’t how I planned

They bruise my delicate wrist

I will persist

A woman of my caste

An outcast —

The forgotten widow

Who’s only peace was in a meadow

Stands with me

A silent amputee

People scream to kill me quickly

They think it’s sly–

To fake their disgust

They can’t even trust

The church they claim to follow–

The pain’s too hard to swallow

Absolution is not given

Auto da , I will be forgiven

I still deny

I will not comply

There’s no saving me

From the lies of blasphemy

      The bigotry—

A fatal hostility

It’s the end of me

I keep my dignity.

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